Download the DHSI Performance Based Specifications at the bottom of this page.

There are three choices in DHSI specifications. It may be easier for a spec writer or architect to e-mail DHSI the current specs and hardware schedules and have them returned by e-mail with the suggestions highlighted in yellow for approval.

DHSI specs contain substantially more information due to the recent changes in fire codes with positive pressure, changes in codes relative to smoke testing and sound ratings and then the problems associated with adoption and implementation. For this reason we show reference to over 10 related codes since we see them referenced even though some have been replaced such as UBC 7-2 replacing the original NFPA 105.

DHSI specifications address the real issues that the contractor and owner are forced to deal with when they see a fire marshal deny a C of O because light is passing the frame perimeter; or a QA inspector rejects the openings because of light under the door; or a sound engineer is retained by the owner because the openings do not meet the code requirement or franchiser requirement for minimum STC ratings; or the HVAC engineer has the door bottoms removed to allow for air recovery requirements with positive pressure hallways and bathroom fans and/or AC units; or torque on the lever is beyond the ADA maximum. You may link to DHSI - Specifications and choose each specification.

Choose each specification:

  • Opening the .doc file (in Microsoft Word) will allow you to cut and paste the information desired into your specifications. This is the preferred and suggested format for editing your specifications.

  • Opening the .pdf file (for Adobe Acrobat Reader) ensures the proper margins and format are viewed. This is the preferred format for reading and printing the specifications.
  1. 08710 Short Specification: Contains the basic requirements for a "Performance Based" specifications that ensures Nationally Referenced Standards are met as an operating system under allowable industry standards for manufacturing and field tolerances.

    * Click here for short 08710 Specifications in .doc (MS Word) format
    * Click here for short 08710 Specifications in .pdf (Acrobat) format

  2. 08710 Full CSI-based Specification: Provides greater detail in defining requirements.

    * Click here for 08710 Specifications in .doc (MS Word) format
    * Click here for 08710 Specifications in .pdf (Acrobat) format

Particular emphasis has been placed on testing as an operating system and Field Quality Control. There is nothing proprietary in these specs and all qualifications are found in current Nationally Referenced Standards such as NFPA 80, NFPA 101, ADA, SDI, AWI and so on. There are also the very real issues of room security as viewed on our link: DHSI - Room Security

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