Who Markets dhsi

“Door and hardware Sealing Systems” and “Door and hardware Sealing Systems Solutions” are “neutral” in reference to who and what companies provide DHSI manufactured products.

Wood and steel door manufacturers

Door manufacturers providing a field operational STC 41 plus (or minus range) traditionally have specified their proprietary doors with specific frame seals, door bottoms and thresholds. These specifications normally appear in CSI section 08720 and not in the CSI 08710 hardware specifications. The specifications then dictate who provides what and how. Where sealing systems appear in section 08710 they are “bundled” within that scope by the door and hardware distributor. (see AIA master spec for appropriate numbering)

Wood and steel door manufacturers normally market through their door and hardware distributors. There is a trend for these same door manufacturers to test their doors in the STC 35 range and incorporate the sealing system in their specification because of the increased emphasis on “standard” doors to meet “Nationally Recognized Standards” for STC requirements.

Independent spec writers and consultants

Independent spec writers and consultants see the value for their clients when they establish “performance based specifications” and require manufacturers to provide evidence the components of frame seals, door bottoms etc. have been tested and warranted to perform in the field as an “operating system” that meets “Nationally Referenced Standards” for code compliance. Door and hardware distributors request pricing directly from the manufacturers referenced in the 08710 specifications.

Distributor spec writers

Distributor personnel are normally AHC or similar industry proven spec writers that see the benefit of providing “sealing systems solutions” “for their architects and contractors and owners” that are beyond the routine of distributing doors, frames and hardware on price alone. It differentiates them from other distributors. They incorporate the same “testing, warranted and field performance based standards” referenced in the specifications.

Manufacturers of full line hardware

Specification writers for full line manufacturers can also see the benefit of incorporating DHSI products and services within their specifications and hardware schedules if it enhances their entire product line for specific architects and clients. DHSI can provide “value added” benefits to their clients that complement their products and services. These manufacturers would endorse “performance based specifications” wherein evidence is provided that the components of frame seals, door bottoms etc. have been tested and warranted to perform in the field as an “operating system” that meets “Nationally Referenced Standards” for sound, smoke and fire.


In all of the above cases DHSI provides architectural details to be used in the submittal and approval process. These combine with the exclusive DHSI “Program of Field Quality Assurance” that is incorporated in the specifications and “qualifications for manufacturers”. In summary, DHSI provides an “audit trail of responsibility” for the manufacturing, testing, installation, and the documentation for providing a performance based warranty in a Life Safety opening protective.

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