Note: Architects (NFPA 80, 101), Spec Writers, ID, Mechanical Engineers (CFM), Acoustical Consultants (STC): each should consult DHSI for product choices and options, inter-related engineering considerations, and architectural details to establish product and performance warranties.

DHSI Brochure

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Page 1 An overview of DHSI Sealing Systems and showcase of recent jobs.
Page 2 #105 "Cush 'N' Seal" frame seals
Page 3 STC rating and benefits and #105-B “Breakaway” frame seals
Page 4 #SA Surface and #AMA Mortise Astragals
Page 5 #CNS Plus - STC Seal, #MS Mullion Seal and Weatherstripping
Page 6 #FT, CTT and TTT Thresholds and #FA/SB frame alignment anchors
Page 7 #CTC-ADJ Thresholds and others
Page 8 #AMDB3 Mortise door bottoms for wood and hollow metal doors
Page 9 #SSDB surface door bottom
Page 10 #CS Cap Sweep door bottom
Page 11 #SAS "Secur-A-Seal" Security Door Bottoms
Page 12 #AMU “Allowance and Means for Undercut” option for all DHSI door bottoms
Page 13 #DP Decibel Plug and Architectural Detail information
Page 14 #SAL "Secur-A-Latch" Privacy Keeper for Hotel/Residential use
Page 15 #SAL "Secur-A-Latch" accessories
Page 16 Highlights of "Performance" based specifications and the exclusive DHSI "Field Quality Assurance Program" for controlling door and frame installations

Contact DHSI for more information and the proper architectural details for your submittals.

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