Distribution of DHSI Products

Mission Statement:
DHSI designs and manufactures products that address the opening, closing, latching and sealing of an opening for smoke, fire, sound, sight and security. When assembled in the field, the components represent a "systems" approach that also addresses related code requirements including NFPA 80- 2007 inspection criteria for field performance and field modification limitations, NFPA 101 Life Safety, and UL tests for fire and smoke. DHSI shall warrant field operational performance of its "system" under industry allowable guidelines for manufacturing and field allowable tolerances. The DHSI warranty provides an "audit trail of responsibility" for closeout documentation.

Marketing of products:
DHSI markets sealing systems through door and hardware distributors within the scope of section 08710. The DHSI field compliance warranty for performance can not be extended to warrant other manufacturer's component products.  The field inspection criteria for NFPA 80 2007 now addresses specific issues related to frame seals, door bottoms and, in the case of hotels, privacy guards. DHSI warrants DHSI "systems" as being fully compliant with the new inspection criteria. DHSI does not insist all components be ordered for every opening. DHSI will provide the components specified. If no door bottom is specified, DHSI does not insist a door bottom be furnished. However, DHSI will not furnish any of its sealing components for use with another manufacturer's sealing products.

In a hotel job specification under section 08710, DHSI does not insist the opening include the DHSI "Secur-A-Latch" privacy guard as part of a "system".  Pricing will include an incentive to "bundle" and include "Secur-A-Latch" with DHSI sealing products. If DHSI receives a request for "Secur-A-Latch" only, and the distributor intends using another manufacturer's sealing products, DHSI will request the distributor have the owner contact DHSI so that DHSI has an opportunity to present the benefits of a DHSI "sealing system" to the owner, architect, and contractor.

If an existing hotel desires to purchase the DHSI "Secur-A-Latch", and no other sealing components are desired, DHSI, in this particular instance, will provide "Secur-A-Latch" through its own stocking distributor "Door and Hardware Systems Inc.". This type of purchase requires only the services of a purchasing agent and not the services of a qualified door and hardware consultant. A distributor can request a discussion with DHSI if they feel there are circumstances that may benefit each party.

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