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Robert Rissone, founder and President of DHSI, Rochester, New York, has been writing architectural specifications and distributing commercial doors, frames and contract hardware for over 30 years. Mr. Rissone began designing, patenting and manufacturing sealing and security products in the DHSI product line when the products offered by manufacturers did not seal properly and even caused code violations in many instances. Of equal concern to Mr. Rissone was the fact that these life safety products were shipped to installers who, oftentimes, had little or no training in the assembly of the components. He also questioned why the products being distributed were not tested for allowable manufacturing tolerances and for allowable field tolerances. It was also observed that the architectural specifications referenced SDI, ADA, and AWI for industry standards and guidelines, but the specific tolerances, guidelines and codes referenced in the specifications were not being properly presented and explained to the contractors and installers of these life safety products.

Mr. Rissone noticed that the design of competitive products created both hinge and lock bind. The common field remedy for hinge bind is to "Crank up" the closing speed and slam the door shut. After the "teardrop" seals take a set, the door begins to chatter on the latch because all doors are slightly warped and/or out of plumb. The common field remedy for lock bind is to "die grind" the latch, which pulls the door away from the stop and breaks the seal; to say nothing of an illegal field modification to a fire door assembly. As an example of product innovation "Cush 'N' Seal" was designed and patented. It can seal a door over 1/4" out of plumb or warp with no hinge or lock bind, and it eliminates the "clang and chatter" associated with competitive seals.

Mr. Rissone decided to address the combined issues of product design, testing, specification format, presentation of installation procedures, and the training and managing of installers of the components. He wanted to establish an objective approach to judging the acceptability of the installed operating system. He also wanted to develop a "Program" that would eliminate installation errors and identify manufacturing problems before doors were installed. Current construction addresses issues through a series of meetings with the contractor, architect, construction manager, distributor, various manufacturers' representatives for doors, frames and hardware, and the individual component installers. To understand the "Program" click on "The Quiet Latch Sealing System".

To understand the "Program" click on "The Quiet Latch Sealing System".

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