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LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignSustainability

The LEED Green Building Rating System recognizes the utilization of environmentally friendly building practices during construction or remodeling.

DHSI aluminum door bottoms and astragals contain approx 75% recycled material contributing LEED points under Materials and Resources credits 4.1 and 4.2. Products without aluminum, due to the nature of the product, have no recycled content.

If the installation site of DHSI products is within 500 miles of our manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY 14611, then DHSI products contribute toward Materials and Resources, credits 5.1 and 5.2, local/regional materials, in LEED new construction version 2.0 and 2.1.


DHSI sealing system frame seals and door bottoms are used on both interior and exterior applications. Most gasketing wears out or falls off over time and has to be replaced again and again. This ‘other’ material fills landfills and wastes time, money and natural resources.

DHSI frame seals use an adhesive that is warranted not to fail “life of the installation”. Additionally, the frame seals incorporate an anti-microbial in the extruded material and is warranted “life of the installation”. This prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth and the DHSI anti-microbial eliminates the premature failure by discoloration and turning brittle which are the main reasons for replacement of “ordinary” polymers.

DHSI door bottoms are designed and manufactured to provide the longest possible life, even in the most abusive locations such as hotels and schools. The inserts in the DHSI door bottoms are warranted not to come out for the life of the installation, unlike other products in the market that must constantly be replaced.

DHSI sealing systems are warranted to block light and sound continuously on the perimeter of the door opening and therefore maintain the integrity of the opening when used as a smoke and fire seal and also as a weather stripping. The “sustainability” considerations in DHSI Sealing Systems components greatly reduce air leakage on interior or exterior openings and thereby maintain the balancing of HVAC zones. The “systems” address the environmental considerations associated with wastes in heating and cooling.

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